Ananth was learning western dance when he discovered Bharatanatyam in 2011. While waiting at Tirumala, he saw a Bharatanatyam performance for the first time and decided that he wanted to learn this art form. He started learning from Guru Harija Sivakumar in Miami. He also started participating in summer workshops conducted by Guru Shri Mohanan. Since both gurus are graduates of Kalakshetra, he was able to continue his training in the US and in India. He wanted to have his Arangetram in India because most of our family is here. He got an opportunity to study Hospital Documentation and Medical Records at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital in Chennai, enabling him to continue his dance learning in India. Ananth has also learned the Piano for over ten years and is preparing for Level 6 exam of the Trinity College, London. He will be grateful for your good wishes and blessings.

A message for our Guests

I am Ananth Raghunandan. I was eagerly waiting for my Arangetram on March 22, 2020 when we had to postpone the event because of the developing COVID 19 situation. Instead of Arangetram, March 22, 2020 turned out be "Janata Curfew" day in India! Now, I am preparing for a different kind of Arangetram; a smaller live audience and engaging larger audiences via livestream on October 11,2020 .

In the meantime, I connected with Manu Sekar and started learning coding with HashHackCode. I connected with Prem and his mother Mangai who are developing this website. Thank you Prem and Mrs. Mangai for helping me set up a website for the event.

I hope you enjoy the performance. Please share a message at the bottom of this page for my Arangetram. Since many viewers will be joining the performance by livestream, I will be grateful if you can add to my Guestbook.
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on October 11,2020 below.

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  • Learn daily: Bharatanatyam is part of my daily learning routine. I practice at least once daily. Dance is a great tool for personality development. Developing concentration, discipline, and commitment to an art form helps me in all other learning activities.
  • Interests: My interest in Bharatanatyam has continued to grow over the years. I decided that I wanted to do my arangetram soon after I started learning Bharatanatyam. Because I was very interested in this art form, I was motivated to learn daily. Bharatanatyam gives me joy and energizes me.
  • Family: My parents have supported me throughout my Bharatanatyam journey. My mother takes videos during class so I can practice at home. Our extended family has also been a great source of support in my Dance Career.
  • Exposure: Dr. Govindarajan of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital encouraged me to study Medical Records at their Institute. This opportunity enabled me to continue preparing for my arangetram while getting an exposure to an Indian workplace.

The SMART part of LIFESMART is about doing Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-framed projects. Here, Arangetram is an important milestone for me. Mohanan Sir has guided me to set SMART goals and prepare for my arangetram gradually. A large project that Sir has broken down into small pieces and made it possible for me to work on systematically.

Dance has many benefits. While I want to become a good dancer, I see my journey more as about becoming LIFESMART through dance.

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Guru Shri. K.Mohanan has been a member of the Kalakshetra Foundation’s faculty for the past 28 years. He is a versatile and experienced Bharathanatyam Dancer and Teacher. He has inherited the fine art of dance execution and expertise in expression from his glorious alma mater. He is the recipient of the most coveted national merit scholarship for Bharathanatyam and nattuvangam from the Government of India. He has also been conferred with the prestigious Natyakalaivanan and Natyakalaimamani awards . Shri K. Mohanan has spread Kalakshetra’s fame and culture across the globe by travelling to more than 25 countries including the USA, UK, Japan and Middle East. He is also an academician with extensive research background. Smt.Sunita Mohanan wife and disciple of Shri K. Mohanan runs the Nithyakiran Academy of Dance for over two decades now. She is the recipient of Nithya Kalaivani Award.The duo apart from performing in various places across the country, have dedicated their life for producing many young talents in this field.

Message from Guru Harija Sivakumar

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another, so dance like no one is watching you. I am very proud of you getting this far, but this is not the end, this is just a beginning. Teaching you has always been a pleasure for me, you are a wonderful student and a good listener. I have always been impressed by your enthusiasm, your hard work, and dedication. Continue to show respect towards your dance and towards your parents who have worked really hard to bring you this far. My heartiest congratulations to you. May Lord Natarajah shower his blessings on you."

"All The Best"
Harija Sivakumar

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